kody keplinger
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Wondering something about Kody? Well, look below and see if your questions have been answered!

How old were you when you wrote The DUFF?

A: I was 17 when I wrote The DUFF and it was published when I was 19.

Will The DUFF be a movie?

A: Yes! The film adaptation of The DUFF, starring Mae Whitman, Robbie Amell, and Ken Jeong, was released on February 20, 2015.

What did you think of the movie?

A: I loved it! I think the movie stays true to the themes of the book, and Mae Whitman is the perfect Bianca.

Will your other books be made into movies?

A: None of my other books have been optioned at this time, but I'll keep you posted!.

Will there ever be a sequel to The DUFF, Shut Out, or A Midsummer's Nightmare?

A: I have no plans for sequels at this time. HOWEVER! My ebook, Secrets & Lies, contains two short story spinoffs of The DUFF and A Midsummer's Nightmare. And my novel Lying Out Loud features appearances by characters from all three novels!

Will there be a sequel to The Swift Boys & Me?

A: I don't have plans for a sequel at this time.

Can I get a free copy of one of your books for review?

A: Unfortunately, I do not have enough personal copies of books to give out for review. You will need to reach out to my publisher.

Can I interview you for my blog/homework?

A: I would love to help with interviews! However, with my schedule, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to respond on a timeline. You can feel free to send me an email, and I'll get back to you if I can!

Are there any other authors you recommend I read?

A: If you enjoyed my YA novels, I highly recommend you also read books by Alexis Bass, Hannah Harrington, Kristin Halbrook, Rainbow Rowell, Courtney Summers, and Elizabeth Scott.

Will you read a story I wrote?

A: I really wish I could read work by everyone who emails me! But if I did, I wouldn't have time to write more books. So, sadly, I cannot.

Are you fashion blogging, too?

A: Yes! On top of writing, I've also started using my Instagram account for fashion posts. My goal is to show that bodies of every shape and size can wear fun, cool clothes that make you feel great! Fashion has helped me embrace my own body, and I hope some of my posts will inspire others in similar ways.

Do you vlog?

A: Yep! You can check out my videos on my YouTube channel.